Magazine article U.S. Catholic

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Magazine article U.S. Catholic

General Comments

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As a daily communicant, I am in the habit of examining my conscience frequently and have had to lighten up on myself and others through the years. Learning to love others and myself no matter what!

Joan Hochmuth

Salisbury, Md.

I don't feel that the church should institute an "altar call," but it needs to speak more clearly on Jesus' death and Resurrection in relation to sin and forgiveness. There needs to be "meat" in the dialogue. The news is good: We are forgiven by Christ when we seek forgiveness.

Name withheld

Nottingham, N.H.

I believe that the church seems to be slowly coming to the realization that its members can think for themselves, guided by conscience and the Holy Spirit.

Jeanne Remondini

East Weymouth, Mass.

The world we live in is "gray" in so many ways. Our pride can set us up to believe there's only one way to live and so judge others by this.

Mary Pat Jewison

Rochester, Minn.

The church worries too much about the structures and formulas that convey forgiveness. …

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