Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Catherine Deneuve

Magazine article The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)

Catherine Deneuve

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Terms like "diva" and "style icon" get bandied about far too freely. But one legend who deserves both labels is Catherine Deneuve--actress, muse, and fashion goddess. The fabulous face of Deneuve, 62, graces a stunning new line of cosmetics from MAC. During a recent visit to a Los Angeles MAE boutique, she shared some dish.

You and other French actresses of your generation have aged gracefully while remaining beautiful. It seems American actresses pursue more extreme methods to stay young, and it often doesn't read as well.

The problem, I think, is society's problem more than the actresses'. It's only the reflection of a major problem in the States--that youth is the virtue above everything. People are not allowed to get old--women are not allowed to get old. You can't just tell young stories; you don't believe the same things at 20 that you do at 50. But it's true, in Europe, when you turn 40, you aren't thought of as an old woman; you are a nice mature woman.

Are you the kind of woman who puts on makeup every day?

When I'm not working, I don't ... well, always a little makeup, because it's very good protection for the skin from the sun. Even if I don't put on makeup, I will always do my brows and my lips. But I don't spend much time doing my makeup anymore.

In lending your name to this line of cosmetics, how involved were you in the creation of it?

Completely involved! With the colors, with the products, with the design of the powder case--I was involved with everything. …

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