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Designers Don't Want to Agree

Magazine article Marketing

Designers Don't Want to Agree

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Designers are creative snobs who don't like each other or their clients, according to a recent workshop

A fly on the wall, listening to the debate on creative snobbery, organised by Women in Marketing and Design (WMD), could have been forgiven for wondering how designers and marketers ever manage to work together successfully.

Mary Lewis, creative director at design consultants Lewis Moberly, and Penny Austin, an international marketing consultant to, among others, Eurotunnel, were invited to disclose their ten top concerns about working with each other's discipline. It made for provocative, if at times grim, listening.

Austin, who admittedly, "put the worst point of view," enumerated a litany of objections with which many a fellow marketer will groan in sympathy. Designers fail to follow the brief, don't make enough effort to understand the client company, field their top members at a pitch but then let their juniors handle the project, lose interest in the project and then produce invoices containing unexpected costs.

But that wasn't all. Designers resist the client's requests to amend the design on the basis that the designer knows best. "Some designers are extremely intimidating about creativity," says Austin. "It's elitism. They talk in obscure language and can lead you up the garden path. As a client you have to know your subject."

Even worse, designs had actually failed when implemented: furniture had fallen apart, trees had died, desks were unable to be built. …

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