Magazine article New Zealand Management

What to Expect

Magazine article New Zealand Management

What to Expect

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Imagine the reaction if you transported somebody from 1906 into the present day to witness all that has been invented over the past 100 years. Researchers tell us that at the current rate of change, we will see the equivalent of 100 years of technology development crammed into the next 20 years--and from there it will take only 12 years to repeat the process.

I don't quite understand how they work it out--but look at the advances in technology over the past 10 years. Think about what was once considered science fiction material, but which we now take for granted.

New technology is fuelled by our basic business desire to identify (or more importantly create) what people need or want, and to make a profit from it.

This is why, for example, perfectly good computers with 32-bit architecture are being upgraded to 64-bit machines.

This is why we need mobile handsets with all the latest bells and whistles, when really all we ever do 99 percent of the time is make/receive phone calls and/or text messages.

Technology, more specifically high-speed anywhere communications and web-based technology, is having a profound impact on the way we live and do business. The internet offers countless and increasing moneymaking opportunities.

For example, I was staggered to discover recently the values being placed on web-based games 'levels'--after a year's effort, my son's 'Runescape' proceeds were considerable. However, making $1 million by selling the pixels on your home page is infinitely more mind-boggling.

If you wanted an accurate snapshot of just how quickly technology is advancing on us, a visit to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year would have been a real eye-opener.

Toshiba was one of many manufacturers at CES 2006 and its display had a particular emphasis on audio-visual advancements.

There was the world's first HD (high definition) DVD player--the next-generation DVD format defined by the DVD Forum (you didn't really think you'd own the latest technology for long did you?). It's expected to land here around the middle of the year.

Toshiba also displayed its HD DVD laptop to show off the audio-visual capabilities the next generation DVD will bring to computing.

Also demonstrated was 3D display technology--delivering 3D images on flatbed displays without the need for special glasses. …

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