Magazine article Business Credit

Taking the First Step on the Career Roadmap

Magazine article Business Credit

Taking the First Step on the Career Roadmap

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Several members have expressed concerns about the Career Roadmap, finding it intimidating or thinking that they cannot meet the qualifications. These perceptions may prevent them from taking the first steps toward achieving a professional designation. This reaction clearly represents lost opportunities which could be prevented by better understanding what is required and the logical progression of the program.

For business credit practitioners, there are three nationally recognized designations. These are Credit Business Associate (CBA) for supervisory personnel, Credit Business Fellow (CBF) for management, and Certified Credit Executive (CCE) for senior management.

To begin the process, an applicant simply completes a Career Roadmap, a National Institute of Credit (NIC) registration form, a letter stating that official college transcripts are being sent, and a resume. Roadmap points needed for each designation are:

* CBA - 50

* CBF - 100

* CCE - 125

It is probably at this stage that applicants may misunderstand what can qualify for Roadmap points. The Career Roadmap consists of four basic sections: work experience and special interests, participation in local NACM activities, participation in NACM national, and education. Let's look more closely at each section to clarify any misconceptions.

While the first section, work experience, is fairly straightforward, several people have raised questions about some aspects of special interests. For example, "mentoring" can include things such as training someone at work. It need not be a formal program. Up to five points can be earned under "Special Consideration," which can include virtually any work experience and special interest area that your local affiliate can certify.

For seminars in Section II, "Local Participation," up to 20 points may be earned for participation at local NACM or CFDD seminars. …

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