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Flying High into the Sky with Math and Science

Magazine article Multimedia & Internet@Schools

Flying High into the Sky with Math and Science

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ESCAPE from the winter blahs and cabin fever. Transform your schoolyard into a launchpad. Experiment with aerodynamics, Newton's laws, and Bernoulli's principle. Then, have your students create geometric kites and sleek paper airplanes. Measure distances; determine the best flying designs; discover why they were successful. Capture your aeronautical experiences with a digital camera or camcorder and report the news to other schools, parents, and communities.


20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes

The Big Wind Kite Factory on the island of Molokai in Hawaii gives students a list of materials, directions, and illustrations to ensure success. Photos of variations and children flying kites are also included. Feedback from teachers offers insight and suggestions for kite-making and flying.

Kites as an Educational Tool

Is kite-flying really 2,000 years old? Find out this answer along with information from sample designs and kite names to the math and science behind kite-flying. Professor Kite provides information about the best flying days, a pre-launch checklist, acrobatic sport kites, and how to get a variety of kites to fly. Photos of student creations supply ideas for your own projects. Kites as an Educational Tool is a great starting point.

Virtual Kite Zoo

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about kites is included at the Virtual Kite Zoo. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced kite fliers will find useful information such as kite terminology, categories of kites, descriptions and illustrations, materials required for making a kite, and types of knots used in kite-flying. Follow the virtual tour to the section about uses of kites, including information on how kites are used in photography, meteorology, transmitting aerials, target practice, anti-aircraft defense, life saving, communication, hunting, fishing, bridge building, as well as many others. Resources for educators to enhance their teaching experience are provided in the Kites in the Classroom section.


Kite Flying

This is a complete lesson on kite-flying for all ages. Science concepts, objectives, overview, vocabulary, teacher text, preparation, and teaching time make this a ready-to-use lesson for students. The how-to-build-a-kite section contains a short

video clip of students demonstrating the process. An assessment rubric is also provided. This is a great site for the busy teacher.

Kites in the Classroom

An educational rationale for using kites in the classroom illustrates how content areas are integrated in the kite-making process. The technological impact of kites and suggestions on how kites add value to learning are included in this extensive resource for teaching kite-making in the classroom.


Amazing Paper Airplanes

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned paper airplane pilot; there are plenty of patterns available, all with folding instructions. Choose from the basic dart to the more complex Falcon, or pick an unusual design like the Blue Angels. Information and a photograph are provided for each of the representative planes. There is also a wonderful gallery of paper airplane models.

Build the Best Paper Airplane

A grandfather shares one of his childhood designs with children around the world through this Web site. He claims the DC-3 of paper airplanes flies like no other and describes why it is so special. Printer-friendly directions for folding the plane and how to fly it are included. Advice for correcting errant flight patterns is also offered through an interactive clinic.

Fly'N Things--Amazing Paper Airplanes

Download models to print out, build, and fly. The assortment includes eight WWII planes and one modern fighter. The designs are complex and more suited to older students. A brief history of paper airplanes, general directions, and building tips are also available. …

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