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Meister-Tracy Group, Arvada, Colo.

A recently introduced printing and dispensing mechanism that can be placed on any vending machine -- including newspaper boxes -- ejects a strip of preprinted coupons, offering added value to customers. The device will lengthen a newspaper single-copy machine's daily sales usage from two to three hours "to possibly three to four hours," according to Meister-Tracy.

The device eventually will incorporate a printer capable of loading advertisers' graphic files that can be printed in real time or spooled. The inventors said the single-copy platform "can generate over $2 million of ad revenue in a 5,000-machine market."

Whereas supermarkets hand departing customers cash-register coupons after they spend their weekly grocery budgets, single-copy newspaper buyers have only spent about a dollar, and have a higher same-day purchase potential, according to Meister-Tracy. The inventors also say the device will support national publications that are unable to insert on a local basis.

The platform can be retrofitted or integrated by manufacturers. Newspaper participation can range from ownership ($75 to $150 per retrofit, depending on market size) to a no-cost circulation-driven plan.

Tera Digital Publishing, Milan, Italy; Davie, Fla.

The Tark archive will be used to manage the digital assets of U.S. Spanish-language media group Impremedia.

The New York-based group publishes four dailies: La Opinion, in Los Angeles, El Diario La Prensa, in New York, La Raza, in Chicago, and El Mensajero, in the San Francisco area. Impremedia claims 35% of the country's Spanish-speaking market.

El Diario La Prensa already uses Tera's GN3 content-management system. La Opinion and La Raza are to convert to GN3 early this year.

Tera also announced that it has joined the 40-year-old International Press Telecommunications Council. The 62-member council researches and promotes technologies to improve the flow of news.


Saxotech,Tampa, Fla.

A comprehensive online advertising product, the new Saxotech Advertising is designed to streamline end-to-end workflow and ad management. Providing full support, from call center and self-serve classifieds to credit checking and billing, the system was created to replace multiple products from multiple vendors and the burden of integrating the processes into existing back-office workflows.

Saxotech Advertising enables sales of multimedia ad types and upsells and offers "sophisticated pricing scenarios and detailed revenue analysis reporting," according to the company. Executive Vice President Peter Ibsen said the next major step is full support for print advertising.

The system features real-time placement of rich Web classifieds from call centers through its intuitive interface, tools that streamline workflows, automatic pricing, tools to upload multimedia content, and easy assignment of keywords for searches. It also includes tools for creating and maintaining customer records, the ability to set credit limits and assign multiple pricing contracts, and auto-checking ad orders against customer management, with an alert option.

The banner ad booking interface accesses the Online Ad Management Server, enabling reps to sell ads for premiums on high-demand pages. Flexible scheduling assists in rating banner ads across multiple sites, and in targeting spots and display times in appropriate categories.

Multimedia booking enables creation of content combinations for different media channels, organized under one campaign. Pricing supports complex print ad and multiple online ad types, including banners, video, simple text, interstitials, script-based ads, and rich Web classifieds. With rate setup tools, each campaign can automatically discount or assign premiums to component orders.

The Web-based self-service advertising portal allows users to create, schedule, price, pay for, renew, correct, or stop rich Web classified ads, offering tools for uploading and editing multimedia content. …

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