Enters the Classroom: Peru's Young Business Hopefuls Are Getting a Taste of the International Market While Still at University through the Case Studies and Ideas in ITC's Magazine

Article excerpt

I have been teaching a course in international trade since 2000 at the Catholic Pontifical University of Peru.

In March 20001 discovered the magazine. International Trade Forum in a library in Lima. When I read it for the first time, I was impressed by the diversity of trade topics. wide coverage of countries involved and clear depiction of world trade trends.

I am passionate about international trade because it strengthens human creativity. It allows us to live together in a more interconnected way in a globalized world.

In my course we use different articles from the magazine as discussion themes. The information provided by the magazine allows students to feel more connected to international trade because even from Peru we can learn of progress, problems and decisions made at government, organizational and company levels in a global environment.

Exam questions and strong ideas

The magazine is a source for questions in mid-term and final examinations. I usually choose a paragraph from a recent article and include it in the examination. In this way, the magazine serves as a useful source to keep us updated in our reading related to specific themes, for example, trade promotion organizations.

I also use the magazine to develop my class materials. I use strong ideas based on cases or "testimonials" from other cultures (Africa, Asia, Oceania, etc.) or controversial themes to make the course more interesting and encourage students to read the magazine. Among the articles that have made a profound impact have been "Nepalese Businesswoman Assists New Exporters", an interview with Mrs Sulo Shrestha-Shah (issue 4/2003), and "Kenyan Leather Retailer Creates E-shop Front" based on an ITC-supported activity for a business run by Mrs Nalina Rupani (issue 3/2003). …


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