Magazine article Management Today

A Mission for the Real Manager

Magazine article Management Today

A Mission for the Real Manager

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In common with the CBI, the DTI and, doubtless, also the RPI, ICI, MFI and M15, this page is much concerned with the confidence of the British Manager.

To put it bluntly, most of us would like more of you to be a bit cheerier than you seem to be just at the moment - rather more cheery than this time last month - and a hell of a lot more ecstatic than you were this time last year.

We, for our part, have tried to establish a |broad' framework for British business to surge forward grinning on all fronts. You, for your part, in survey after survey, have revealed yourselves to be glum, apprehensive, miserable wretches who expect the recovery to fall flat on its face sometime next week.

Clearly someone needs to do something to resolve this slight difference of opinion on the glorious future which awaits us all just around the next corner - or perhaps the next comer after the next corner. As a result, and in the absence of any other major player prepared to stiffen the sinews of the troops, Backbite is pleased to announce a training initiative in Management Confidence Building. This initiative, which we are calling the Holiday Training Initiative (HTI) is specifically designed to cost nothing to the Government and even less to the CBI, DTI, RPI, EMI, MFI, FBI and M15. In addition, unlike most initiatives, we can assure the busy business executive that this initiative will not cut into their busy business schedule but can be carried out entirely during their own hard-won recreational time.

The new Holiday Training Initiative (HTI) is based on the simple observation that, caught up in long-term planning for large organisations, few top managers get to see at first-hand the beneficial impact their strategies have on the |people on the frontline'. As a result, far too few managers have the enthusiasm born of experience when it comes to being confident about what a good job they are making of things.

To counter this the HTI encourages top managers to build up their confidence by introducing the techniques of modern management to their own family lives - especially during a distinct and measurable |time unit' such as the vacation. Yes, just try applying SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to the spouse; process re-engineering to the potty training; and TQM to the teenage children. You will soon see just how these powerful techniques can tackle what you may previously have thought were insoluble problems. Thus informed of the effectiveness of your own efforts you will return to the fray of filling in |business confidence' surveys with a new vim and vigour. …

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