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Time Management-Getting If Done

Magazine article Careers & Colleges

Time Management-Getting If Done

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Freshmen in college consistently rank time management as one of their biggest challenges. Basically, if you don't stay on top of your schedule, it can lead to poor academic performance. So why are you wasting time? Grab your planner and jot this down! You'll be thanking us next year.

The First Step: Know Yourself

Dr. Edward O'Keefe, author of Self Management for College Students: The ABC Approach, recommends that you look at the big picture of your life and figure out what's important to you. He suggests writing down your big goals for college. Don't limit yourself to academic ones. "You should use college to develop the rest of yourself, in addition to your academic side," explains O'Keefe.

Next, decide when, where, and how you work best. Ask your self these questions:

* Do I work best with an intense or more laidback schedule? Some people thrive on having an ultra-packed lifestyle; others get overwhelmed.

* Am a morning or evening person? Some students have a tough time in the morning, but others are like Leah McConaughey, from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. "I know that I get up early and can't stay up late at night," she says. "So forcing myself to study late is a waste of time."

* Can I tune out distractions easily? The answer will tell you whether you'll be able to study in a rowdy dorm or whether you'll have to head to the library.

Staying On Track

Once you've figured out how you operate best, start to make time management a habit. Follow these guidelines:

* Keep track. Students who write clown all they have to do often find they have more free time than they thought. Using a laptop, a handheld organizer, day planner, or notebook, list your activities and deadlines in order of when they have to be done.

* Seek balance. Don't overload yourself. Scheduling all your classes on two or three days can turn ugly. …

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