Magazine article Marketing

Let's Clear the Air about the Need for Clarity

Magazine article Marketing

Let's Clear the Air about the Need for Clarity

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At the end of an iterative process where a constellation of inputs are duly considered and processed both rationally and intuitively to arrive at a point of distilled directionality we create intelligibility and lucidity. What?

Clarity. Clarity. That's what this article's about.

You mean there's something meaningful and relevant, not to say efficaceous and downright valuable, about clarity when it comes to producing effective advertising? Yes. Exactly.

The real problem often comes in the communication that happens even before the advertising gets produced -- between agency and client or in the creative brief.

You obviously have to do the homework on what the advertising needs to do for the brand. But then you have to distil it. If you put in too many instructions, the creative team is likely to get lost. Can you put the advertising task in two simple sentences? Could you explain it to your mum? If not, why not?

Advertising is a blunt instrument. It's not like knitting a jumper. Imagine a brief for a blunt instrument -- it wouldn't run to many pages. It would say something like: "About two feet long, wider at one end than the other, made of wood."

Instead people produce knitting patterns. An example: "A distinctive and different treatment from any other ground coffee advertising that gives contemporary relevance to the brand in the real lives of our target audience."

People don't really write briefs like that, do they? Yes they do. That one was written in the late 80s for a new brand. The brief led to a TV campaign. One million pounds media spend later, prompted awareness was 1%. …

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