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It is our custom to record in this space the deaths of friends, colleagues, and authors who have helped us or otherwise contributed in one way or another to making Monthly Review the kind of institution it has become in its nearly forty-four years of publication. With a mixture of gratitude and sorrow, we add the following names to the list.

Marta Fuentes died on June 21st at age fifty-six after a long illness, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Marta was an outstanding Chilean radical and feminist whom we got to know in the period during the 1960s when a Spanish-language edition of MR was published, first in Argentina and later in Chile. She married Andre Gunder Frank, author of many books, including the landmark study Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America (published by MR Press in 1967). After their marriage Marta and Gunder worked together, publishing jointly and separately an impressive list of studies dealing with such subjects as underdevelopment, the world system, and feminism. She is survived by her husband and two sons, Paulo and Miguel.

Edward P. Thompson died on August 28th at age sixty-nine after an extended period of failing health, in Worcester, England. Thompson's magnum opus The Making of the English Working Class a new standard for the writing of working-class history which has been enormously influential far beyond the borders of his own country, not least in America. In 1978 MR Press published his book The Poverty of Theory and Other Essays, a penetrating and (in our view) devastating critique of Althusserian Marxism. In our early days MR Press was also privileged to be the American publisher of his definitive biography of William Morris and of the hard-hitting antiwar/antinuclear anthology Protest and Survive (1981) which he co-edited with Dan Smith. He is survived by his wife Dorothy, also a distinguished historian, and by a daughter, Kate, and two sons, Mark and Ben.

We extend heartfelt condolences to the families of Marta Fuentes and Edward P. …


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