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Month in Review

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Month in Review

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Regular visitors to E&P Online may already have seen some of the columns below. But for those who would take advantage of our Web analysis, here's a recap of three of E&P's top online columns from the past few weeks. If you haven't done so already, activate your registration now by visiting


March 20 -- "Breaking Down the 'Wall'" From Steve Outing's "Stop the Presses":

Most newspaper Web sites are "walled gardens." By that I mean that the content that resides on the sites is produced by staff members or freelancers, or comes from wire services or content syndicates. If a newspaper site invites the public to contribute content (so-called "citizen journalism" ), then those members of the public submit their stories or photos directly to the site; that content is hosted by the news site's servers.

But times are changing, and the walled-garden approach to news publishing online doesn't make as much sense anymore. It's time to break down some of those walls -- to let more outside content in (and let some inside content get shared outside the walls).


April 14 -- "Keeping Your Edge In the Internet Era" From a Shoptalk by E&P Online Editor David S. Hirschman:

So what can newspaper editors and publishers do to reclaim their power as arbiters of public taste in the Blog Age? While many papers are cautiously experimenting with their own blogs, they are constrained by the corporations that own them and their mission to present news "objectively. …

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