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Adwatch: Domestos 5X - 'Vom'

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch: Domestos 5X - 'Vom'

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My favourite pages in the D&AD annual are the ones covering non-English language ads.

It is like flicking through a Butlins brochure only to find a section in the back for Club 18-30. I would love to go on holiday to a non-English language agency and spend a fortnight basking in liberal censorship laws and soaking up their relaxed attitudes. Sex, violence, religion - you name it, I'd use it. Probably to sell Lego.

I am not having a pop at the British censors or the caring public. I think they do a fine job. In fact, they ensure that us English-language creatives have to try even harder to get into D&AD in the first place.

It is just that sometimes I wish we could make up our minds about what is acceptable and what is not.

Consider the new Domestos 5X commercial. At first glance it is a typical household cleaner ad. That is until a John Malkovich-voiced whale-slug begins singing, with Disneyesque glee, that not only is he going to make me 'vom', he is also going to give me diarrhoea.

My first reaction was to laugh. …

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