Magazine article The National Public Accountant

Accessories to Go with the Laptop

Magazine article The National Public Accountant

Accessories to Go with the Laptop

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When it's time to leave your desk, often (or always) you will be taking your laptop computer with you. The personal computer, as an office necessity, is no longer tethered to the desktop. Here are some tips on accessories that should go with the laptop.


You may not always be near a power outlet. Batteries, especially rechargeable batteries attached to computing devices, do not last long enough. Check out the myPower mp330 universal battery (, a device slightly longer and thinner than a purse. This lightweight battery can power all of your devices--laptop, portable DVD player, digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player and more. The additional power time ranges from three to eight hours depending on the usage of the device. MyPower comes with eight adapter tips for connection to most portable devices. Retail price is $120.

Mouse Control

Almost all laptops come with a touchpad or eraser head for cursor control. While both are structurally convenient, they have never been one of my favorites. The mouse is better and easier on my wrist, yet wired mice require plugging into a USB or PS/2 port.

The V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse from Logitech ( is neatly designed with all the features of standard wired mice. The mouse uses an optical lens to track movement, along with a touch bar that enables scrolling pages up, down and sideways. An on-off switch helps save batteries, and the design includes a hidden compartment for Bluetooth. The plug is removed from the mouse, inserted into a USB port and, with the plug and play feature of Windows XP, the mouse is ready to go. Retail price is $70.

Seagate's Cookie

When you need to make data portable, such as transporting one or more files between two different unconnected computers, you need a device that can hold large files. The world of flash drives has come a long way over the past year; now there are all sorts of small keychain-sized flash drives that hold megabytes of data. …

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