Magazine article Marketing

Supplementary to Advertisers' Targeting Needs

Magazine article Marketing

Supplementary to Advertisers' Targeting Needs

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It has never been that difficult to find readers willing to complain about the ever increasing weight of their newspapers. As more sections and supplements have been introduced over the years, reading through them all has become a test of stamina.

They have certainly driven away many an aspiring paperboy, but somehow, because some have proved their worth through careful targeting, the received wisdom remains that you only have to get your editorial and positioning right and almost any new supplement will work. I wonder.

Supplements were very popular in 1988 with "Mail/Femail", "DX", "7 Days" and the "Independent Magazine". And yet, despite the 23% increase in ad revenue that took place between 1986 and 1989, only the "Independent on Sunday Review" still survives.

The "Independent on Sunday Review" and "Times Saturday Review" (now the "Times Magazine") also hit the doorsteps in 1990 followed by the "Guardian Weekend". They have survived despite a drop of 12% in ad revenue between 1990 and 1992. This year has seen another raft of new ventures. No less than seven in fact.

But does what appears to represent quite a field day of choice for advertisers really offer the reader anything more than potential lining for the bin bag? Irrespective of content it must be doubtful whether the average reader now has the time or inclination to plough through all or even one of these publications in anything but a cursory way and without his or her attention we advertisers are nothing.

Perhaps the new "Sunday Express Review" will ultimately disprove the point, but its first issues have been over-dominated by advertising, and without the AB and regional splits a direct marketing advertiser is entitled to expect from them. …

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