Toward the Cutting Edge: To Cover One Out-Front Issue, Joanne Barrett Has Written a Feature on Facebook, MySpace, and, in General, Social Networking and What Turmoil It's Bringing to the Education Space

Article excerpt

WELL I've now gotten a needed "infoboost," the one I refer to when I encourage people to attend conferences--in particular, of course, our Internet@Schools conferences. Just back from moderating the Washington, D.C., Internet@Schools East event, I'm infused and enthused with the information and energy our speakers poured forth. It wouldn't do to single any one speaker out, as they were all good.

I@S East was paired with the Computers in Libraries conference for librarians operating in the broader information realm. So attendees could participate in our very schools-focused sessions or stop by a CIL session or two to learn from experts in academic, public, corporate, or special libraries fields. About the only down side to this as far as I can tell is the frustration of having to choose between concurrent sessions like Alice Yucht's "How Bloglines Made Me Look Brilliant," for I@S East, and Pew Internet & American Life Project director Lee Rainie's speech for CIL on his project's latest research.

This combination of a schools focus plus additional breadth and richness of content is a benefit for our Internet@Schools attendees that we plan to offer next October in Monterey, Calif., as well, during Internet@Schools West. I@S West will be paired with the highly reputed Internet Librarian conference.


We're into cutting-edge issues this time around, along with the usual practicalities and resources delivered though our reviews and the Look At . …


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