A Keystroke for Language

Article excerpt

WHAT IF ENGLISH-SPEAKERS in the United States, Canada and elsewhere could suddenly read Spanish language articles that they would not be able to understand on their own. That's the intriguing idea behind an innovative computer-based publishing program started this year by Americas Magazine in conjunction with a leading foreign-language software company, Transparent Language, Inc.

The key to the program is a unique new kind of computer software called Transparent Language, which runs on either IBM-compatible or Macintosh personal computers. Though new, Transparent Language software is already used by over 1,500 schools and by tens of thousands of independent learners. Its popularity is the ability to add the missing ingredient, enjoyable language use, to the grammar and vocabulary building that most students have already done. Six times per year, subscribers to "Americas Magazine in Transparent Language" receive the latest printed edition of Americas in Spanish, plus a computer disk with the ! …


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