Library of Congress Selects STAR for Cold Regions Bibliography Project

Article excerpt

The Library of Congress has selected the Cuadra/STAR software for its multiuser interactive text database management system for its Cold Regions Bibliography Project. The Cold Regions project - supported by the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) and the Division of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation (NSF) - gathers information about the earth's cold regions and publishes two major bibliographies, both with monthly issues and annual cumulations.

The Library's Cold Regions project has been publishing the Bibliography on Cold Regions Science and Technology since 1951 and die Antarctic Bibliography since 1963. The current system runs on the Library's mainframe in batch mode. The new system will maintain most of the functions of the current system but, because STAR is a multiuser interactive system, it will permit the Library to add new functions, as required in the contract: interactive, validated data entry, thesaurus support, and remote online searching and retrieval by authorized participants.

With STAR, the Cold Regions staff will be able to meet their requirements to produce tracking and control statistics, support the ALA character set, and create different types of indexes, including cross-reference indexes," said Judith Wanger, vice president of Cuadra Associates. …


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