Magazine article Technology and Children

Postcards from Space

Magazine article Technology and Children

Postcards from Space

Article excerpt

Postcards From Space

Book Graham, I. (2004). E. guides space travel. London: Dorling Kindersley. [96 pages; ISBN 0-7566-0533-4].

Summary of Book

If you are looking for an intriguing book that will engage students in exploring space and space travel, then this non-fiction book is it. Readers can explore more than 40 topics presented in two-page spreads, including favorites such as space stations, living in space, space rescue, space walks, Hubble Space Telescope, and Mars exploration. Abundant photographs are accompanied by detailed captions and informative text that explain the topic and make the reader want to learn more. And the amazing thing is that the reader can get more by visiting he dedicated Web site that is made possible by the publisher's collaboration with Google[TM]. Readers are prompted with a keyword in the book that directs them to more information on the Internet in the form of animations, quizzes, games, news information, questions and answers, and lots more. There are even links to images from the book that students can download and use in school projects. This is a must-have resource for all classrooms!

Student Introduction

Can you envision what it would be like to explore space? Most people explore space from here on Earth. But some individuals have had the opportunity to explore space from space! If you have the chance to travel into space, would you do it? One day, you might be given the opportunity to live and work in space. Try to imagine what that would be like as you solve this communication problem.

Design Brief

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Design and create a postcard that you could send from space. There is no regular mail delivery from space to Earth, so your postcard will need to be created electronically! Be sure your postcard includes at least one picture. Write your postcard to someone you know and be sure to tell him/her what it is like to live and work in space.

Teacher Hints

1. Students will need Internet access while they use this book and do this activity. Be sure that you address Internet safety and follow your school policies for student Internet use.

2. Spend some time showing students how to access the book's Web site (provided in the book) and use the keywords to find the desired information. This is very easily done, and students will find a wealth of information on the Web site, including beautiful photographs of all aspects of space and space travel that will make great postcard art. …

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