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Raymond Snoddy on Media: Local Strategies Carry Real Clout

Magazine article Marketing

Raymond Snoddy on Media: Local Strategies Carry Real Clout

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What was the special local copy line for the Ann Summers store opening in Banbury that got completely up the nose of the Advertising Standards Authority? 'Ride A Cock Hoarse' is the answer, of course.

'Angel of the North' for the Metro Centre and 'Dirty Limerick' for the Irish city, both suitably illustrated by scantily clad ladies, posed no problem at all.

The aim is not to expose the squeamishness of the advertising regulators when confronted with the clever juxtaposition of Ann Summers and a nursery rhyme.

The point made by Rob Clilverd, chief executive of BLM Clilverd, was that Ann Summers managed to produce advertising that was locally relevant. Most advertising and planning agencies based in London don't bother - and don't even see the need - because London is where they all live. Fees linked to volume national buys might have something to do with it as well.

Clilverd's favourite example was the BMW poster shown all over the country from SW4 to the North-East. The reference to SW4, suggested the Bristol-based Clilverd, was just the sort of thing that goes down well in Sunderland. He was appearing alongside WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell at last week's Newspaper Society seminar on the importance of 'localness'.

Sir Martin was excellent on the rise of China and the challenge of the internet. He was equally sound on the effects of globalisation and over-capacity in manufacturing, which leads to marketing strategies based on price-cutting rather than nurturing brands over time.

Sir Martin also absolutely acknowledged the importance of community and localness, and suggested the approach had to get down to the level of marketing to nations rather than international regions.

Clilverd, who rather stole the show, was a lot more local than that. If you want to reach the Welsh, parish magazines and pubs seem to be the best way to do it. On an index of 100, the Welsh score 271 for pubs when asked about the most important attribute of making a strong local community; parish magazines score 400.

BLM Clilverd, which specialises in all regional media, has produced a compelling case that there are huge regional variations in both attitudes and purchasing behaviour across the UK. …

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