A Hearty Toast to Our Excellent Host

Article excerpt

Excalibur Electronics, Miami, Fla., has made knowing everything about your favorite beverages as easy as pressing a button. The company has developed three user-friendly devices that can assist anyone in making a mixed drink and that tell you everything you need to know about beer and wines.

The Brew Master is a handheld electronic device, packed with all you could ever want to know about beer. Ratings and reviews on more than 1,500 brews are available with just the touch of a button. Shaped like a beer stein, Brew Master also will teach you how to judge a beer by its label. Other information includes visitors' tips to the best breweries and microbreweries. Moreover, Brew Master is replete with the best beer and food pairings, toasts from around the world, plus bar games and jokes. And get this, it even includes phone numbers for taxis in major cities around the world. Happy hoisting!

With the Bar Master Deluxe, meanwhile, you'll mix the perfect drink every time. The Bar Master contains the recipe for nearly every drink imaginable. Its easy-to-read screen displays the shape of the glass to use and the exact amount of each of the ingredients necessary to guarantee gratified guests. …


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