MISMO All-Stars: Countless Volunteer Hours Have Gone into the Work Being Done by MISMO, the Industry's eCommerce Standards-Setting Organization. This Article Profiles a Select Group of MISMO All-Stars Who Have Contributed More Than Their Share of That Time. Together They Are Taking the Industry Ever Closer to a Truly Paperless Process

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This year's MISMO[R] All-Stars are an eclectic bunch with only one thing in common: They're tireless advocates dedicated to the prospect of fully automating the mortgage industry. [??] Since its inception in 1999, MISMO has given the mortgage industry residential and commercial mortgage-data standards that enable all parties to the transaction to communicate in a common language. The task is far from over, but these all-stars and the many other dedicated men and women of MISMO stand ready to complete the task. [??] Not that MISMO is all work and no fun. As one all-star summed up about this year's group of 15: "We're all technologically organized people. We're geeks, but we're fun geeks." Get to know this group of MISMO All-Stars and you begin to understand why working to further the industry can actually be a pleasant task. [??] "We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and gifted group of folks [from] both the residential and commercial mortgage industries," says Gabe Minton, vice president of industry technology for the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and executive vice president of MISMO Inc. "Their hard work and determination have made MISMO what it is today."

Joe Beggins

Chief Executive Officer

GEMSA Loan Services LP

Houston, Texas

What everyone knows about him: "I know what I know and I'll tell you what I don't know, and I hope I'm surrounded by people who do know what I don't know."

What few people know about him: "I was a bartender at an ice house in Texas that I owned. You throw open the garage doors at 7 a.m., and people drink beer and play dominoes all day. I played country-western music all night. If this CEO thing doesn't work out, I've got that to fall back on."

Officially, Joe Beggins was the first chair of MISMO[R] and chairman of the board in 2005. Unofficially, he's MISMO's biggest cheerleader. "I would put myself in the realm of a hobby technologist," he says. "There are smarter people doing the work. My job has been to help envision what MISMO could be; to rally the troops; and to give support, promotion and exposure to this very important initiative."

He credits the Mortgage Bankers Association staff team for doing the heavy lifting. "I knew they could get the job done and that they had the right approach. No one company could build what MISMO has built," says Beggins. "I see the work that MISMO is doing as essential for the evolution of our companies and our industry. MISMO is the highest and best use of this trade association."

When he's not running the nearly $62 billion, 8,000-loan portfolio of GEMSA--the nation's fifth-largest commercial loan servicer, according to the company--Beggins likes to write and record music. "I'm a budding home-studio enthusiast. I do all of my recording with computers. My music runs the gamut from jazz to a little pop and a little reggae and a little rock 'n' roll. Whatever works," he says in a way that sums up both his music and his MISMO accomplishments.

Dave Bodi, CMB

Executive Vice President

Midland Loan Services Inc.

Overland Park, Kansas

What everyone knows about him: He's competitive and goal-oriented, but fair. "Integrity and empathy are fundamentals in my definition of success."


What nobody knows about him: "I meditate every day. I'm a big believer in balancing body, mind and spirit."

In 2002, Dave Bodi became co-chair of MISMO's Commercial Servicing Workgroup with a straightforward goal: Develop industry standards for transferring data. The path to that goal was anything but straightforward, first having to negotiate intellectual property rights agreements and develop a logical data model. The workgroup's latest project, the Commercial Servicing Transfer Standard version 1, was unveiled in February. This standard contains reference schemas, a logical data dictionary and a "read-me" guide explaining the goals of the standard in simple language. …