Adwatch: Nestle Shredded Wheat - 'Ian Botham One Ingredient'

Article excerpt

Shredded Wheat's latest ad campaign has just one ingredient: Ian Botham. For a product that is supposed to be stripped down to the bare minimum, I wonder why it continues to add this celebrity endorsement. Especially when that celebrity was only recently pushing red meat into our shopping trolleys.

The ads feature Beefy investigating a range of cereals, trying to work out whether other brands might match Shredded Wheat's purity. He is stumped. And his brain hurts. Maybe it should slip some Omega-3 oils into the recipe.

It is easy to take pot-shots at campaigns in columns like this. But, what does one of the best cricketers of all time have to do with breakfast cereal? Especially when the ad's proposition is all about being dedicated to only one thing.

In breakfast-cereal terms, Botham is a toasted-fruit-and-nut-cluster-with-honey-and-added-vitamins. His career was built on being a fantastic all-rounder, as adept at bowling out Australians as he was at the wicket or out on the boundary. …


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