West Compresses CD-ROM Libraries

Article excerpt

West Publishing has compressed two of its CD-ROM libraries: Bankruptcy Library and Federal Taxation Library.

West's Bankruptcy Library, compressed from fives discs to three, contains cases, relevant statutes, rules, forms, judicial decisions, digests, treatises and bibliographic materials on law review and other bankruptcy articles. Bankruptcy cases 1979-Present includes synopses and headnotes to help the researchers quickly determine each case's relevance, as well as key numbers, leading to related decisions. The library also contains Bankruptcy Annotated Code, Rules and Forms; West's Bankruptcy Digest; Cowans Bankruptcy Law and Practice; Russell, Bankruptcy Evidence Manua; Bankruptcy Bibliography; and Bankruptcy (Epstein et al.). Regular disc updates are available for West's Bankruptcy Library, and the online update is available free of charge for more current information.

West compressed its Federal Taxation Library to nine discs and added archival material to the Letter Rulings, Tax Court Decisions and Federal Tax Cases discs. The 1993 republication of the Federal Taxation Library splits the cases into Tax Court Decisions and Federal Tax Cases.

The library contains Federal Tax Code & Regulations, 1988-present; Revenue Rulings, 1954-present; Revenue Procedures, 1954-present; Administrative Orders 1954-present; Actions on Decisions, 1967-present; and General Counsel Memoranda, 1967-present. Also included are a Table of Letter Rulings, Tax Court Decisions from 1924-present, Federal Tax Cases, 1945-present, and a Taxation Table of Cases. …


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