Magazine article The Antioch Review

Muse & Drudge

Magazine article The Antioch Review

Muse & Drudge

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gaudy colors you flaunt how loud you sirens behave the man drowns in your salt you revive him with a wave

restless born-agains outlaw beat machines yet the drums roll on let the churchy femmes say amen

marry at a hotel, annul him nary hep male rose sullen let alley roam, yell melon dull normal fellow hammers omelette

tasty brown sugar molasses accused of wide abandoned laughter nothing left to lose or gain delicate powder melts in the brain

we believed her old story she told the men nodded at her face dismissing her case

debit to your race no better for you - lost gone off demented throwing unevenhanded

disappeared undocumented workhorse homeless underclass breeder dissident pink collard criminal terminal deviant indigent slut

riveted nailed to the table crumpled muddied dream stapled in her face mapped folded back to the other side of the facts

they say she alone smeared herself wrote obscenities on her breast snatched nappy patches from her scalp threw her own self on a heap of refuse

knowing all I have is dearly bought I'll take what I can get pick from the ashes brave the alarms

another video looping the orange juice execution her brains spilled milk on the killing floor

if she entered freely drank freely - did that not mean she also freely gave herself to one and all - then when was she no longer free?

that her body bleeds is no surprise a fragment bursts and color seeps through her camouflage

bannered behind her braid unfurled extended she lean aiming breaking the ribbon

kink konk crisp crinkle my monkey's off his head he wears my hat that helps me think a little

zipped into high-tech overalls suited to her lightfoot boots kicking her heels up and away beyonder

manx cat rations pussy got your tongue angoraphobic x-man sex kitten operation

blow hair died a natural death laid aside, glorifried flashing a panacea

her realness was wild at the time leastwise they tell me it was legendary

chez lounge lizard hip-hop hazard master beats and breaks baby's back-up aches

a strict sect's hystereotypist hypercorrects the next vexed hex erects its noppy text

where early Saturn's burning worldly girls wear curly perms affirm natty patterns

chenille feely zeroes fuzzy nooky fumble your nu-nile omieros our frondy jungle

lucky lucre dream dujour a lotto numbing ventured dues paid off a doler and another don't

Jesus is my airplane I shall feel no turbulence though I fly in a squall through the spleen of Satan

in a dream the book beckoned opened for me to the page where I read the words that were to me a sign

houses of Heidelberg outhouse cracked house destroyed funhouse lost and found house of dead dolls

two-headed dreamer of second-sighted vision through the veil she heard her call

the essence lady wears her irregular uniform a pinstripe kente syncopation suit

she dreads her hair sprung from lock down under steel teeth press gang galleys upstart crow's nest

eyes lashed half open look of lust bitten lips licked the dusk wicked tongued hussy

am I your type that latest lurid blurb was all she wrote her highbrow pencil broke

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