West Virginia University: Lincoln Hall

Article excerpt

ENHANCED OPPORTUNITIES for personal growth and intellectual development are what students residing in West Virginia University's new residence hall will get.

* FUNCTION: A residential college housing 350 students and a faculty member and his family, with 11 faculty fellows (including the resident faculty member) teaching freshmen seminars and 25 "associate members" from the community dropping in to interact with students.

* CHALLENGES: While WVU has had a successful residential faculty leader program in its 11 freshmen dorms for a decade, each residential faculty member actually lives next to a dorm, not within it. Officials felt they could evolve that program even further, not only by designing an apartment for the faculty leader in the residence hall, but also by adding the faculty fellows and community volunteers, explains Dean of Students David Stewart. The aim was to build a program modeled on the residential college concept in place at Oxford, Harvard, and other top institutions that will join a diverse cross-section of students and faculty to develop close academic and personal connections. …


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