Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - South West Trains

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - South West Trains

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We rang the train firm to find out whether its environmental credentials are paper-thin when it comes to recycling.

South West Trains Good afternoon, South West Trains. How can I help?

Mktg I commute to Waterloo every morning and have become increasingly aware of the large number of copies of Metro left on seats at this termination point. Does South West Trains have a recycling policy for these discarded papers?

SWT This is an ongoing problem, but we don't have the facilities at Waterloo Station to collect them. We only have limited space where we can put our rubbish. But I will pass on your concerns to the station manager. We only have a quick turnaround on many of our trains. I mean how many bags do they carry with them to do various bits and pieces?

Mktg Surely they could have a separate bag for papers and another one for rubbish?

SWT Well that's a possibility. Can I have your name and address please? (Marketing provides details.)

Mktg On some streets they have Metro recycling bins. Could you set up a joint venture with them to provide these at the station.

SWT We don't have any rubbish bins at any of our stations because they are a security problem.

Mktg But these bins only have small letterbox-type slit for posting newspapers through. …

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