Send in the Clown! the Saturday Night Live Veteran Once Played a Fey Man in a Sweater and Is Now Poised to Run for the U.S. Senate. His New Documentary God Spoke Charts the Rise of a Liberal Hero

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Let's get this out of the way. Is Stuart Smalley gay?

I don't know! That's a really good question ... and don't think that wasn't the honest answer. I've never discussed whether he is or not. I think I know, but it's never been the issue. It's all about codependency.

What were you thinking when you saw this federal gay marriage amendment going up for yet another vote?

Well, I thought it was cynical. Like everything they do.

In your opinion, what can gays do to help their own cause?

I think one thing would be to let people know that in, like, 37 states someone can be fired for being gay. There are still no laws [or protections] on the books. And I think that's obviously even more basic than gay marriage as an issue.

I'm a Democrat who has become disillusioned, in part regarding the same-sex marriage issue. Is there anything you want to say to Democrats who feel the same way?

Tell them to support Patty Wetterling, who's running for Congress against Michele Bachmann in the 6th district in Minnesota. Bachmann has basically dedicated her whole career to outlawing gay marriage in Minnesota--to do a constitutional amendment or something. …


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