The Honeymooners

Article excerpt

On August 2 a Columbus, Ohio, radio station awarded an all-expenses-paid vacation to Brigit Elizondo and Karlene Kelley as part of a state fair promotion in which 20 couples renewed their vows aboard a Ferris wheel. The women didn't think the station would pick a lesbian couple, but when the ride stopped and their seat was closest to the ground, that's exactly what happened. Now they're heading to Sedona, Ariz., for a five-day "honeymoon."

Why did you enter this contest?

We've always listened to 97.3 [WBNS-FM], so when they announced the contest, and we entered, we thought that would be it. Then, when the station selected us to participate, we thought that would be it. We were just enjoying the ride, fighting the heat like everybody else. Brigit doesn't like heights, so she was kind of nervous, but we didn't at all think we'd get the trip.

Why not? …


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