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I have come out as a lesbian to my parents three times. The first two times I scrambled to deny it all when they reacted negatively, blaming it on a moment of weakness.

But between my freshman and sophomore years of college I met a girl who inspired me to embrace my love, and I courageously came out to everyone, parents included, again. And this time I stayed out. It's not that I had been unsure of who I was before; it's just that in high school my Republican family was my core foundation and affected everything I did. It was really tough to know that in their eyes I was never going to be the same.

I'm now a senior in college, and to this day my family rarely discusses my sexuality unless it is used as a source of anger or resentment. My parents skirt any topic dealing with my relationships future or present, and my sexuality is rarely recognized as an orientation but instead a preference. It is extremely hard, coming from a dedicated Catholic family, knowing that my church and my own family will never accept my sexuality.

Don't get me wrong--my parents are wonderful people who think they have only my happiness in mind. They say they don't want me to have to live a life full of discrimination and judgment. …


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