Magazine article Information Outlook

Web Sites Worth a Click

Magazine article Information Outlook

Web Sites Worth a Click

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Information Wants to Be Free

Meredith Farkas first came to my attention earlier this year as the creator of the Computers in Libraries conference wiki (she's created other conference wikis, too, and one on library best practices). At first, I found it curious that the site would have been created by someone not affiliated with Information Today, but thought it was cool as well. Then I found her blog, and it all made sense--information does want to be free. It's about community, sharing, and learning. I've found that blogs in general (and the accompanying comments) are a great way of picking the brains of colleagues we may never actually meet; it's almost like a conversation. Meredith's posts are empirical, thoughtful and thought-provoking, and a pleasure to read. Recent topics: technology-resistant workplace culture, enabling knowledge management (and change), tips for writers, and, yes, wikis.

FMI--For My Information

Another blog. This one was created to keep track of research tools. How neat is that? Again, here's the sharing aspect of blogs, and a way to organize one's own thoughts. Categories of resources are numerous--intellectual property, Google, podcasts, legal research, training & presentations--so it's easy to find relevant topics. With this blog, the content is important, but so is the idea. How many of you use blogs in this way, either by creating or reading them? All of the tools we use are a means to an end, and sometimes existing tools can be used in new ways ... for your information.

Medical Reference for Non-Medical Librarians

Because of our informational role, we may be approached with all types of questions regardless of the mission of the organization in which we work. When it comes to medical questions, it may be difficult to know how to respond to inquiries (or find quality information for ourselves) without a health-oriented print reference collection at the ready. …

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