Magazine article Newsweek

Newsmakers: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Whitney Houston

Magazine article Newsweek

Newsmakers: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Whitney Houston

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Byline: Devin Gordon, Jac Chebatoris

Maggie Gyllenhaal

In her latest movie, "Sherrybaby," she plays a recovering addict and mother. In November's "Stranger Than Fiction," she's a baker--and the apple of Will Ferrell's eye. She spoke with Devin Gordon.

On "The Daily Show" last week you used a term I'd never heard before. Define "pregnant brain."

[Laughs] Yeah, Peter [Saarsgard] and I made that up. I don't know what it is about pregnancy that causes it, but there's a kind of fogginess in my brain. I'm always looking for exactly the right word to describe what I mean, and now I lose the most basic, obvious words all the time. But it's actually been nice to let my brain float away a little bit. [Laughs] I'm sure it'll come back. I hope so.

I might be putting words in your mouth, but I think that you said you're done with indie films for a while?

Well, I didn't quite say that. I used to feel like I didn't care if anyone saw my movies. I would just choose things I thought were interesting, and if no one saw them, fine. I don't feel that way anymore.

Still, you sound especially proud of "Sherrybaby."

Yeah, I am. If you make movies about people who are struggling and make bad choices but are well intentioned--to me, that's a way of practicing compassion. That's important to me. Also, it's a teeny-tiny little movie that was made for nothing, literally--no trailers, pizza for lunch. I've made movies like that before but ... um ... oh, there goes my pregnant brain. Sorry.

When they served you pizza, did it at least have mushrooms, or was it plain? …

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