Magazine article Newsweek

Newsmakers: Lionel Richie, Katie Couric, Ivanka Trump

Magazine article Newsweek

Newsmakers: Lionel Richie, Katie Couric, Ivanka Trump

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Byline: Nicki Gostin, Jac Chebatoris, Ramin Setoodeh

Lionel Richie

He's a chart topper again with his new CD, "Coming Home"--and not just because he's Nicole Richie's father. He spoke with Nicki Gostin.

Who do you think has been responsible for more pregnancies--you or Barry White?

Excuse me, hands down Lionel Richie. If it comes down to making love, Barry's got that covered, but I travel the country and people say, "Lionel, you were part of the engagement, the wedding and the child." In some cases I've done four to five children.

Let's talk numbers. How many in, say, Chicago?

Let me just get really bold. Chicago? Are you kidding me? I've knocked up the world.

Please tell me you own the publishing rights to "Dancing on the Ceiling."



Why do you think that when someone says Nicole went shopping, I don't flinch that much? God always gives you a great equalizer. He gives you "Dancing on the Ceiling," and then he gives you Nicole.

Hey, she's making money now.

Yes--and thank God. There was a moment there where I was going down fast.

I love Nicole, but you have to tell her to eat.

You are on her. I'm on her. Every single solitary day. I've given her the ultimatum, which is now. Not next year, not next month. Now.

She's working on an album.

I had to laugh with her. In my generation we did the motion picture or the album before we got the celebrity.

When you were a Commodore, you had a huge Afro. …

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