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Toward One-to-One Computing-The Research

Magazine article Teacher Librarian

Toward One-to-One Computing-The Research

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Thirty international studies involving students who were in a one-to-one Computing environment were synthesized, and the researchers concluded that these students were more technology literate and better writers because of word processing. However, the research studies did not indicate a rise in achievement in core subjects such as math and social studies (Penuel, 2006).

In another study, 186 teachers in fourth- and eighth-grade classrooms in 11 southern rural school districts rated themselves on the use of constructivist principles, through a $10 million technology grant. After extensive professional development, those teachers who rated themselves as constructivist were those who had adopted their personal computers as extensions of themselves; that is, the computer was used in all aspects of their personal lives (Rakes, Fields, & Cox, 2006).


Technology is becoming a part of the culture of education, supporting Tom Friedman's idea of the flat-world society (2005).

Teachers who personally embrace computers as a part of their everyday lives are the most likely to use that technology in constructivist teaching methods. This news is important for teacher-librarians who are seeking collaborative partners in building improved learning experiences.

It is still a challenge to link technology with content learning in the core subjects. Better measures and improved educational practices with technology are still needed.


Friedman, T. L. (2005). The world is flat: A brief history of the twenty-first century. …

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