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Measurable Marketing

Magazine article Marketing

Measurable Marketing

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As a marketing tool, customer magazines lie somewhere between public relations and direct marketing. They're a harder sell than PR, more discursive than a mailshot. Like both, they are about building relationships with customers. Like direct marketing, in particular, they are measurable.

Indeed, "they have to be measurable," says Julian Treasure, managing director of TPD. "Traditionally they were seen as a soft exta, something to make the customer feel good about you. We believe that customer magazines have a hard objective which is to increase sales through customer retention."

Customer magazines are in the area between customer service and marketing, he adds. They are a very good way of increasing someone's satisfaction with a service, or making them aware of other products sold by the company. But they can be a recipe for losing a lot of money without well-defined objectives to steer policy, benchmark research to establish the starting point, and tracking studies.

"The other reason for doing research," adds Treasure, "is that these things work. A client who won't research will never know the value of the magazine. Every time we research one, it researches really well."

Nigel Wheat, marketing manager for HHL's contract titles, adds that customer magazines are a very accountable medium. They are often an extension of a direct marketing programme, and indeed work well as a tool for building a database. Thus a client company can start with a mailing list, and by capturing information as consumers respond to offers or complete questionnaires, rapidly develop a more rounded picture of the public it is serving.

"A magazine mailed to 500,000 people every three months is not exactly cheap, but it can be a low-cost medium in comparison with TV," Wheat adds. "Some carry out research into their own magazines which they relay to us, or they may include it in research into their full communications programme. …

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