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I was quite taken aback on opening the August/September 2006 issue of New African to find that the title I gave my communication--Artesunate-Mefloquine Combination Therapy For Malaria--was changed editorially to Killing us softly? (Letters, Aug/Sept). Please correct this impression, and restore my original title.

Of course, the Letters editor of New African almost certainly agreed with me that a drug that had 50 side effects listed in the British Medical Formulary should have little place in the treatment of Malaria in Africa or elsewhere.

To learn that an excellent plant like Artemisia, which had been used successfully for 2,000 years in China to treat Malaria is now being compounded with Mefloquine, a drug with 50 known side-effects, has so surprised the Letters editor of New African that he reacted by producing his own headline in place of mine. I think it is only fair that it be pointed out that his was an editorial comment, and not part of my communication. …


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