Magazine article Newsweek

Newsmakers: Kirsten Dunst, Madonna

Magazine article Newsweek

Newsmakers: Kirsten Dunst, Madonna

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Byline: Nicki Gostin, Cathleen McGuigan

Kirsten Dunst

Forget about Norma Shearer. Kirsten Dunst is Marie Antoinette. She spoke with Nicki Gostin.

Now that you've played her, do you think Marie Antoinette was misunderstood?

I had to believe that because I was playing her. I couldn't judge her; I had to understand her.

I can't believe you got to film in Versailles.

At first it's completely daunting and intimidating, and then it becomes part of your universe. Of course when you get to shoot in a special area like her little opera house, you can't believe it.

You show your bottom in the film. Is it yours or a stunt bottom?

It's my bottom. I thought it was appropriate and showed vulnerability. She's out in the cold and she's not really being treated like a human being. Of course I was nervous. I did ask a friend, "Is my butt OK?"

Did you do extra squats?

Not at all. I'm young, and I don't think Marie was exercising. She was a soft girl.

Do you have a posse?

Me? I wouldn't call it a posse, just the people I work with. I mean, I'm staying by myself here in New York.

So you don't have someone getting you breakfast?

I'm capable of that.

You mean ordering in?

Or making it.

I love that you haven't had your teeth fixed.

I would never fix my teeth--if someone asked me to, I wouldn't want to work with them. It's a part of me. Messed-up teeth is character.

Do you like your Mary Jane action figure from "Spider-Man"?

There are different ones, but I think the Barbie-doll one is kind of scary-looking. …

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