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ICPC Expands to Local Areas

Magazine article Business Credit

ICPC Expands to Local Areas

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Many years ago, the National Association of Credit Management formed a standing committee named the Improved Construction Practices Committee (ICPC). This committee was created to review and influence the way construction laws and practices evolve throughout the nation. The ICPC continues to offer NACM members a resource for construction related information, designed to increase the level of credit professionalism within the construction industry.

The ICPC currently monitors state and federal legislation with the intent to forewarn NACM members of changes and potential difficulties that may arise from legislative bills that could change construction laws. When the need arises, a special task force may be assigned to actively support or oppose legislative bills that may affect the construction community. This information is passed on to all NACM members through the ICPC's newsletter.

The national ICPC wants to establish a local ICPC in every NACM affiliate throughout the U.S. The purpose of each state ICPC committee would be:

1. To write lien and bond procedure manuals that will provide NACM members with an explanation of how their state lien and bond laws work. These manuals will contain all of the forms and time tables required to comply with state and federal laws.

Every state ICPC will write their lien and bond laws procedures in the same format allowing a better understanding and interpretation of construction laws.

2. To act upon pending legislation that may affect the construction laws within a state. This responsibility may include giving testimony regarding the promotion or opposition of a bill before a state legislative committee. The National ICPC has prepared a booklet on how to testify before a legislative committee.

3. To provide leadership and guidance in educating members that are involved and interested in construction credit. This would include seminars and educational programs for both NACM members and other construction community members.

4. To act as a liaison to the national ICPC and communicate successes and failures that will provide guidance for other state ICPC's.

When the plan is complete, NACM members will have access to an unprecedented source of information and assistance. An NACM member in any state will have the ability to obtain information regarding construction laws and practices for every state. This book will contain "hands on" knowledge, prepared by NACM members. …

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