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Month in Review

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Month in Review

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Regular visitors to E&P Online may already have seen some of the columns below. But for those who would take advantage of our Web analysis, here's a recap of three of E&P's top online columns from the past few weeks. If you haven't done so already, activate your registration now by visiting


25Agents of no change From Steve Outing's "Stop the Presses":

After 10 years of writing this column, I thought it would be interesting to hear some uncensored thoughts about what newspaper companies are doing wrong from the online side of the office. I asked newspaper new-media managers and workers to speak freely about what they see as their companies' flaws. And I guaranteed them anonymity if they requested it, so they were free to criticize their employers.

A common theme ran through the responses I got from newspaper online folks: A huge part of the problem is that newspaper companies are still being run mostly by people from the print side -- and who, though they may attempt to understand interactive media and the needs and media habits of young people, aren't effective at moving their organizations in a radically different, and necessary, direction. That's because they're still too tied to the print business and thus are unwilling to go in directions that might damage it, even if in the long run placing more resources and executive energy into new lines of digital business at the expense of the print edition is the right way to go.

Related to that, I heard complaints about online departments and divisions still being in silos. One of my respondents put it well: "The real problem is that the online staffs everywhere are viewed as change agents in an organization, and they can make great progress with online editions. But they have no voice about how to change the print edition. And this won't change until someone makes the bold move to put an online editor in charge of the entire news operation."

27Predictive strategies From a Shoptalk by Larry Sackett, president and CEO of consulting firm E.J. Barry Co.:

U.S. newspaper publishers are leaving hundreds of millions of dollars in value on the table because they haven't equipped their newspapers to compete in the 21st century. …

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