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Jurassic Adland Is Threatened by Superhighways

Magazine article Marketing

Jurassic Adland Is Threatened by Superhighways

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Anybody who reads any of the advertising trade magazines from America will know that our industry is changing ... dramatically.

A fascinating piece from Adweek put five ad execs on an Internet bulletin board, to talk about the future. Two thoughts were, I felt, worth repeating.

First off, a thought from Jane Newman, founding partner of Merkley Newman Harty. Talking about how advertising will be different in the future she says, "Maybe it will have a British accent, advertising that builds a personality rather than gives a rational itemisation of features."

Pause for a little pat on the back, one feels. We've been doing it right -- the Yanks have been getting it wrong. Just as we all suspected.

But hang on just a goldarned moment. Because anyone who read Paul Twivy's thoughts in a recent Marketing column will know that there is another school of thought. Paul wrote eloquently of the need for British advertisers to return to the idea of rational USP-advertising. And he claimed (very convincingly) that the US enjoyed better products because its advertising was more rationally-based. The plot thickens.

But two things initially worry me about Paul's contentions. One, the USP died, as he admits, because of a lack of competitive insulation. Basically, product USPs could be copied straightaway -- which meant they didn't stay unique selling propositions for very long. And that hasn't changed -- innovations can be copied even quicker these days. And two, personality-based advertising can help build brands, over and above the shorter-term impact of purely logical ads. …

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