Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

Keeping the Society Strong and Effective

Magazine article CMA - the Management Accounting Magazine

Keeping the Society Strong and Effective

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The mightiest rivers lose their when split up into several streams.

Ovid, Love's Cure, A.D. 8

When I first read this quote, without consciously thinking about it I added my own personal sentiment: "But it is also the beauty of the several streams, that enriches the lives of those who gather by them."

Of course, my reaction to Ovid's quotation reflects the way I view the Society.

As a member, I seek all the advantages that come from being part of a strong national professional organization with international recognition and respect. At the same time, I expect the Society and its services to be readily accessible to me and responsive to both regional diversity and the broader environment.

The challenge posed by members legitimate expectations is complex. But I have every confidence that members will continue to see their expectations met.

The reason for my confidence? The strategic plan - which serves as the blueprint for the Society collectively and focuses our volunteer and staff talent and other resources on our common purpose.

Approved and launched in 1991, the current strategic plan gives the Society the impetus it needs to be a more effective professional body in Canada and abroad on behalf of all CMAs.

Today's strategic plan is an evolution of the 1985 plan, and incorporates a good deal of "sweat equity" invested by Societies from coast to coast.

That plan reduced the size of the board from 54 to 24 members - later amended to 2 i to incorporate the new position of the staff president and CEO.

It also revised the structure to include one appointee from each province and territory as well as directors-at-large elected by the membership. The introduction of proxy voting for the annual general meeting further enhanced participatory democracy.

In 1991, the board approved the next generation of the strategic plan.

The Society's updated mission statement recognizes the unique contribution of management accountants: The Society, through its members, leads organizations by applying advanced management practices.

The mission is supported by a territory statement which provides greater definition to our role: CMAs apply their skills in advanced management practices which drive an organization's performance and ensure accountability.

The Society's strategic plan further sets forth a strategic vision for the Society, which includes: pre-eminence in the differentiated territory; greater market demand for the CMA; satisfying customer (employer and member) needs and expectations; committed and proud membership.

No, it doesn't scan like. Ovid. But today's strategic plan does reflect a new level of participative strategic thinking.

Each affiliate has undertaken a similar strategic planning process at the provincial/territorial level, developed its own plan, and shared the results with the national board. …

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