Magazine article American Banker

With Automated Teller Machines Installed in Most Bank Branches, What New Locations Should Banks Target for ATM Deployment?

Magazine article American Banker

With Automated Teller Machines Installed in Most Bank Branches, What New Locations Should Banks Target for ATM Deployment?

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ANNE MOORE President Synergistics Research Corp. Atlanta


anything to make their lives easier. Special areas, such as casinos, sports stadiums, racetracks, airports, and theme parks, are areas where [customers] are willing to pay a surcharge of $1 or $2. These are good areas for fee revenue.

The consumers who are most interested in new locations are the younger consumers who frequent automated teller machines: 18-34 year olds, ATM junkies. They want them wherever they are.

There are other locations where you could go: gasoline stations, fast-food restaurants, rest stops on the highway; as well as hospitals, colleges, and train or subway stations. Grand Central Terminal [in New York City] has a lot of ATMs.

Growth of ATMs will continue for the next four to five years, but will decrease after that because of the growth of debit cards and prepaid cards.

CRAIG ZANDER Senior vice president One Valley Bank Charleston, W.Va.


deployment of automated teller machines compared to the rest of the country. We're at the point now where every branch in our market should have an ATM. To me it's the core group of services you have to provide to customers.

In addition we target high-volume locations in major shopping areas, because we feel we have to generate a minimum of 5,000 transactions a month to justify deployment. Those tend to be in shopping malls, supermarkets, and busy strip malls.

The third place is major employers in our area. ATMs on site make it a lot easier for employers to convince workers to accept direct deposit of their paychecks. If employees aren't running out to the bank on payday, it can be cost-effective to the company to subsidize the machine on site. Subsidies vary depending on the volume of the machine and mix of transactions. We look at the entire relationship we have with the company.

GORDON BRAMWELL Vice president Midlantic Corp Edisonb, N.J.


locations - any high-traffic area where you can serve customers. You can complement other [bank] services with bank-at-work programs. Banks are offering direct-deposit payroll services in order to increase employee productivity and eliminate the time necessary to cash a check. To complement the direct deposit pay program, automated teller machines are important. A lot of large companies can eliminate cashier operations for cashing checks and credit card advances.

With riverboat gambling, a lot of states are getting into gambling. Casinos are a place you'd want to put ATMs.

With the greater acceptance of point of sale, debit, and smart cards, the need for ATMs may not be as great. There's always going to be a need for cash-dispensing ATMs, but new technology will curtail their growth.

NEIL KLUSMANN Vice president, marketing First Interstate BancSystem of Montana Inc. …

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