Decisions: Karol Rzepkowski, Johnson Sustainable Seafoods - MD of Europe's First Organic Cod Farm

Article excerpt

MY BEST ... was the way in which we decided to switch from farming salmon to farming cod after the MBO in 2005.

We resolved to treat cod farming as a completely new business, and not run it along the same lines as the salmon farm. This allowed us to start from scratch and address the issues around fish farming, such as welfare and quality.

If we were going to be the first, then I wanted to do it right, so we engaged with the RSPCA and Greenpeace rather than bury our heads in the sand. Commercially, it's great. We have a product that is a sustainable, viable alternative to world cod stocks. But at the same time, we're trying to address the business as a 21st-century company, taking on board all that we hear the younger generation espousing about how they'd like big organisations to operate. And we're doing it on a large scale: two million fish a year.

When we first started, people here in the company thought I was mad: 'He's got some great ideas but they are a wee bit out there.' But now they love the idea.



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