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Best Practices for Staff Development

Magazine article Business Credit

Best Practices for Staff Development

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Asking job candidates where they see themselves in five years is a standard question in many interviews, but how many managers actually help them get there once they're hired? Credit professionals want growth opportunities, and companies that help staff plan for and achieve professional advancement and fulfillment will have greater success in building job satisfaction and keeping valued team members.

The best employees look constantly for intellectual challenge at work and the opportunity to continue learning. To accomplish this, firms must establish a working environment that offers support and opportunities to grow--providing a setting that maximizes productivity, enhances job satisfaction and protects the firm against the loss of key employees who may be difficult to replace. Here are some suggestions for creating a workplace that attracts quality people and gives them lasting reasons to stay:

Make A Plan

Start by considering your primary objective. Once it's developed, communicate the departmental plan to all who will be affected by it. Recommend that your team record career goals and create a timeline for achieving them. Also, request that supervisors and mentors follow up with individuals on their plans to help staff reach their objectives within the framework of overall business goals. You may want to create a professional development section on your company intranet that advises employees of ways to build skills and experience.

Develop A Collaborative Strategy

Once the departmental plan has been developed, involve staff members in creating their own individual professional development plans. For example, for credit analysts who have trouble conveying financial information in written reports, you may suggest classes in business communication.

If you suspect an individual may not feel sufficiently challenged, look for ways to counteract boredom. At the same time, be careful not to be too accommodating. If it appears you're rewarding an underperforming employee, you risk alienating other credit staff that meet expectations but don't receive special treatment.

Establish Or Upgrade Your Mentoring Program

Mentors play an important part in an employee's professional development. …

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