Magazine article Business Credit

Credit at Work

Magazine article Business Credit

Credit at Work

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Dear Andy,

I will be giving formal performance reviews soon and dread having to provide negative feedback, How can I make the process go smoothly?

There's a wrong way and a right way to criticize during performance reviews. The wrong way will demoralize the individual and create an environment of fear in the workplace. The right way preserves the person's dignity while turning the mistake into a learning opportunity. Here's how to do it right every time:

* Keep it professional. Don't lower a person's confidence by attacking them personally. Instead, cite specific examples to support your assessments. There will be times when you'll experience a strong emotional response to an employee's mistake. Check your temper and wait until you're calm enough to deliver dispassionate feedback. Yelling and screaming are never an option.

* Get the employee's side of the story. Be sure to allow employees time to respond to your feedback. You may be unaware of extenuating circumstances, so keep an open mind and listen closely.

* Be solution-oriented. Be willing to change procedures or do whatever is necessary to correct the problem. For example, if the employee is an enthusiastic, loyal worker but lacks a key skill to do his or her job, consider providing mentoring or additional training. …

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