Ethics Resource Center Launches 'Donate Your Data' Program; Organizations Asked to Donate Ethics and Compliance Data from Internal Surveys in Order to Improve Research on Ethics

Article excerpt

The research-based nonprofit Ethics Resource Center (ERC) announces "Donate Your Data," a new charitable contribution program that allows companies to donate data accumulated from their internal ethics and compliance surveys in order to further the ethics center's research and benchmarking abilities.

Many organizations conduct regular employee surveys to learn more about ethics, compliance, risk and misconduct in the workplace. "While the data from these surveys are useful for understanding the dynamics of an individual organization, it also has tremendous potential to benefit the ethics industry as a whole when merged with data from other organizations," said Dr. Patricia Harned, President of the Ethics Resource Center.

ERC's "Donate Your Data" program allows organizations to donate ethics- and compliance-related data, from current or past surveys, for use in ongoing research on topics of key concern to business leaders. Data from entire surveys or from individual questions (including ethics questions in HR surveys) are of interest. Donated data will enrich the overall data set that ERC uses to formulate thoughtful research pieces on topics that are important to business leaders, such as ethical culture and the effectiveness of training programs. Where the data has been collected in a comparable manner, it will also enhance ERC's benchmarks for ethics and compliance program effectiveness. …


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