Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Thomas Cook

Article excerpt

Mix wants to banish the January blues with a skiing trip. Can Thomas Cook provide a deal to get excited about?

Thomas Cook Thomas Cook, how may I help?

Mktg I want to go skiing at the beginning of March, but I am not sure where there is still going to be snow.

Thomas Cook For how many people?

Mktg Three.

Thomas Cook Is it just for one week? And where can you fly from?

Mktg Yes. London.

Thomas Cook Bear with me and I'll get the brochure (Mktg gets cut off and calls back).

Thomas Cook Good morning, Thomas Cook, how may I help?

Mktg Hi, I just got cut off speaking to one of your colleagues. They were going to get the ski brochure for me.

Thomas Cook I know who that was - she did try to call you back but the number was withheld. What is your name and number, and I will get her to try again (Mktg provides details).

Mktg OK, thanks (Mktg waits 45 minutes). I got cut off earlier and one of your colleagues was calling me back but it's been nearly an hour.

Thomas Cook We have three call centres so it's hard to know who it was.

Mktg I can speak to you.

Thomas Cook OK. How can I help?

Mktg I want to go skiing in March but am not sure where there will be snow.

Thomas Cook Let me find out how much you want to spend, the star rating, the dates, price and so on (Mktg provides details). …


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