Magazine article Marketing

Getting to Grips with Technology for Good and All

Magazine article Marketing

Getting to Grips with Technology for Good and All

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Once at a presentation I was reliably informed that the brain has two sides: the right or "creative" aspect and the left or "analytical" side.

As if by magic, I began to understand why people find a mix of services -- marketing offerings with IT facilities management -- so hard to understand. Quite simply, it is impossible to imagine how the creative wits of the marketing world and the "inquiring" statisticians of IT could ever find a common cause.

However, in the light of recent developments in both marketing and IT, it seems that at last these two disparate sides of business are starting to find common ground to the greater benefit of business -- either by choice or by necessity.

Database marketing and customer loyalty programmes based on "smart card" technology have in particular revolutionized the way in which marketers have started to think about IT -- and the way in which IT has started to offer real opportunities for marketing strategy.

It would certainly now be true to say that marketing professionals in the future must have a grounding in the basics of IT to achieve true success. And that IT managers will also need to understand the workings and requirements of the marketing department as a core set of business applications.

In the meantime, however, time, effort and, above all, corporate investment will be wasted while IT and marketing struggle to understand each other.

The best way to develop a marketing database, or drive a marketing campaign using IT, is to forget about marketing technology, products or solutions and focus on the way that the marketing department works -- internally, with other departments and with customers -- and how it will most likely evolve. …

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