Renewable Energy Sources Discussed

Article excerpt

A call of cleaner energy and increased use of renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, was heard at the first meeting of a restructured UN body designed to discuss ways to make energy use compatible with sustainable development.

At its first session (New York, 7-18 February), the Committee on New and Renewable Sources of Energy and on Energy for Development recommended specific policies and invited Member States to implement the Committee's options for developing a "new energy path".

In opening remarks, Nitin Desai, Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development, said that the promise of new and renewable sources of energy had not yet been realized. He called on the Committee to give expert advice on what issues should receive priority consideration.

The question of energy for development was as important as that of new and renewable sources of energy, he said, while it was also important to manage the impact of energy utilization on the environment.

In a draft resolution, the Committee recommended "four domains" for action by Member States: more efficient use of energy and energy-intensive material; increased use of renewable sources of energy; more efficient production and use of fossil fuels: and fuel substitution from high-carbon to low-carbon-based fuels.

It also called for integrated national action programmes for the development of energy systems, and for the removal of subsidies for conventional sources of energy or establishing support for new environmentally sound technologies. …


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